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I teach leaders both beginner and seasoned how to shift culture with communication.

Yes, I am restoring the lost art of powerful, influential communication that opens the door for others to listen and maybe even change their minds.

In the era of cancel culture, it’s vital…no! It’s imperative that Christians learn how to bring the wisdom of God into every encounter, especially those sticky ones where most Christians clam up. Through courage, strength, and wisdom, leaders are learning to own their identity, be determined in their purpose, and step into the conversation with the answer needed to bring Heaven’s influence to earth.


meet charlana

​She's passionate about:

  • Raising up Christian leaders

  • Forging powerful relationships

  • Birthing strategic leadership plans

  • Teaching leaders how to Communicate with influence

  • Impacting the cultural arenas with Christ

She’s worked with ministry, government, business, finance, and nonprofit leaders to bring wisdom and strength to their purpose and plans.


Laurie N., Michigan

Honest, relatable, and inspiring, I am incredibly blessed by Charlana’s teaching. I had the privilege of speaking with her and she took time to encourage and strengthen me with wisdom from God’s Word

Sydney W, Georgia

A gift to believers and unbelievers alike, Charlana’s love for Christ and people is authentic. Her revelation is eye opening as she consistently helps others discover God’s liberating power.

Rosa R., Tenerife Spain

In a world of voices and distractions, Charlana hears the Father’s voice and heart. During moments of desperation for truth, I found my answer through her words filled with God’s love, mercy, and grace.

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