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Living Beyond Your Circumstances

There’s always MORE for your life, family, ministry, and business than you can imagine today! Kamekio Lewis is a perfect example of how our circumstances cannot ultimately define us nor hold us back when we believe there is more planned for us than what today looks like.

This “little girl from the projects” is an award-winning community advocate, author, and coach, who is a certified Rehabilitation Counselor with over 15 years of experience working with the special needs population, to include veterans, youth with disabilities, and survivors of domestic violence.

Listen now to our conversation where she shares her personal testimony and those of the people, she’s empowering to discover their more, map out their next move, and create their own success story!

Connect with Kamekio on social media @kamekiolewis, on her website, and purchase her book “Self-inflicted Wounds: Confessions of a Domestic Abuse Victim” here.

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