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It's Time to Rise up & Lead: The Church's Finest Hour is Right Now

Do you have a desire to see the body of Christ come together in unity? Do you want heaven to come to earth and Jesus to be magnified above all else? If so, do not miss my conversation with Lourdes Relyea about the church’s finest hour!

Lourdes is a Kingdom Strategist and Bible teacher who carries within her a passion to see God’s people come together, purposefully connect, and share God-assignments to bring forth the kingdom of God in every sphere of culture. She is a business owner and consultant in the Beauty Industry with a Kingdom assignment to minister the heart of the Father to her clients and fellow entrepreneurs through prayer, instruction, strategy, and relationship.

On this episode, Lourdes shares about the void created when the church left the public square and how Christians can take back the cultural arenas that were ceded to the enemy. Be enlightened, encouraged, and empowered by the wisdom she shares.

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