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The Imperative of Prayer in our Time!

Have you ever wondered why some Christians seem to have so much joy and faith in God? Have you ever known someone who you thought had a hotline to God? There is one thing that makes a huge difference in the lives of Christ followers. It is prayer.

On today’s program I am joined by a powerful prayer warrior who learned how to tap into the presence of God and live by prayer. Barbara Michael knows the keys and understands how to partner with God to bring heaven to earth! She is sharing about effective prayer, who can pray prayers that bring real change and what it means to stand in the gap.

Listen and learn, apply the wisdom released and you too will go next level in your life in Christ as you develop your hotline to God in prayer.

Connect with Barbara Michael on her website Living by Prayer at She also authored the book, “Secrets to Living in the Secret Place: Learning to Walk in the Abiding Presence of God” available here. Get your copy today!

If you would like to learn more about prayer or join a national prayer call connect with these resources:

Intercessors for America – pray with the nation’s leaders, visit

Billye Brim Ministries – grow with other prayers and get up-to-date news on world events

Find ministry links here at Capitol Hill Prayer Partners website:

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