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Special Edition - The Robb Elementary Massacre & How to Respond in Times of Tragedy & Crisis

This week of sorrow, confusion, and questions leads me to a conversation about how the Church and Christians should respond in times of tragedy and crisis.

Joining me for the talk is Tim Allen, senior pastor of First Christian Church and more importantly for this conversation the President of the Texas Council of Child Welfare Boards. He is actively involved in making policy recommendations to the State of Texas regarding how to serve the children (TX Minors) who are often living in crisis themselves.

In our conversation we talk about how to help people who have suffered tragedy, how to be compassionate, and what we can DO to be a part of God's plan of healing restoration.

Tim has a Masters in Psychology & Counseling from Cabridge University in England and did his undergraduate work at Southwestern and Stephen F. Austin Universities.

Connect with him on social media @TimAllen

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