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How to SPOT the Language of SEDUCTION

To be forewarned is to be forearmed! Wise words!

It's time to close the door to deception.

Can you spot the language of seduction? Its purpose is to deceive you and to take you away from Christ, where you will compromise God's Word, accept, celebrate and demand acceptance of sin with the hope you will ultimately lose all that God has given you.

#Listen as Charlana lays out the history of how Satan seduced the Church during the 1940s and how that history is repeating itself right now.

#Learn about the three types of cultural truths Christians need to reject right now and how important it is to have a vibrant life with the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, and our gift from God to help us remain committed to Him during this time.


Read Philippians 1:8-10 from the Amplified Classic Edition and note the Powerful characteristics of God's Love.

Read "Tortured for Christ" by Robert Wurmbrand. He details The Seduction of the Church on pages 8 & 9.

Listen to President Obama's words about Collective Salvation, a heresy the progressives want you to believe:


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