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Get a Grip! Overcome Your Messy Emotions

Do you struggle with your emotions? Have anger and jealousy issues that you cannot seem to overcome? Does peace seem to slip through your fingers? Do you want to be FREE?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or others like them, do not miss my conversation with Dr. Georgia Pointer about overcoming your messy emotions to find freedom, so you can live a life of peace!

Dr. Georgia shares the top three emotions people deal with daily and how to maneuver each one to walk in Christ at a deeper level. She’s an author and graduate of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and Cornerstone University. Her book is entitled, A Christian Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Messy Emotions.”

Catch the joy she releases so you can “get a grip” on all the untimely outbursts you are experiencing.

Connect with Dr. Georgia at her website

Purchase her book here.

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