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The Key to Overcoming Anxiety/Depression

Is your heart riddled with fear, doubt, and worry? Do you freeze up when you believe God is asking you to do or say something? Do you feel stifled or paralyzed? Oppressed or suppressed? Do you shy away from doing certain things you really want to because you think there will be a bad outcome?

Locating the source of your anxiety, worry, and fear is vital to a Christian today, especially the young Gen Z population. Their anxiety levels are significantly higher than other generations.

Learn the good news about how God's Word makes a difference in the lives of those who read and apply its principles regardless of age.

If we are going to live an unshakable life, we must locate our hearts and make adjustments to bring ourselves into alignment with God's promises.

Want peace? Jesus gave it, and those who follow Him will have peace.


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